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Tired of being Single? Wondering why you keep attracting the wrong kind of guy? Are you ready to DATE INTENTIONALLY?  Then, I have the keys to YOUR healthy relationship...

Mayra Figueroa-Clark is a Relationship Coach and Marriage Champion. She's passionate about helping women magnetize healthy, long-term romantic relationships.





Here at Intentional Love, we guide our women through a step by step process to Intentionally Date, Intentionally Live and Intentionally Love. 



Are you planning a retreat or conference? Mayra's innovative, funny and no nonsense approach is sure to motivate and educate your audience.



Statistics show that the Divorce rate in America is still at 50%. Intentional Love has an online assesment to assist couples BEFORE they say I DO.


Mayra is a dynamic speaker! I've heard her speak on "Life to the Full" and leave wanting more. I love that she speaks with energy and conviction in such a way that keeps her audience engaged and motivated

- Paula, MD


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