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Rewrite Your Love Story

Yes!!! You have found us, and that places you one step closer to the love that you deserve and desire,
Intentional Love University will help Single Smart Successful Women:

  • Ignite their Natural Feminine Energy

  • Release past Love Bonds (Soul Ties) and make room for Him

  • Learn how to LOVE THYSELF deeper in order to be fertile to Receive True Love

  • Understand how Online Dating can be an effective instrument in dating effectively

  • Become a Confident, Classy Dater and

  • Begin attracting Healthy, Invigorating, Reciprocal LOVE that you so desire


Sign up now for only $25/month

Love University is available for a monthly charge of $25  or a yearly charge of $250.

Love University Can Help

The Struggle ends here! Stop living on the Dating Roller coaster, not understanding how to get off. We have the tools you need to have The LOVE Breakthrough you need.

Your Husband is behind YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! Wait no longer, Enroll Today!

Intentional Love University is a virtual platform fill with LOVE resources; from “Dos and Don’ts for online dating to “The Power of Femininity”.

You will learn from Experts on areas such as The Blended Family , I am Divorced, Now What?,Financial Soundness, Wellness and Beauty, Weight and Health, To Sex or not to Sex and why, plus so much more.
You’ll have access to Specialize conferences, Live Events and Workshops.

Additionally, once a month there’s a live 50 minute virtual call to Inspire, Ignite and Encourage the Single Soul.

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Mayra uses real life examples that make her workshops exciting. She left me with pearls of wisdom and tools that I can use right away. I can't wait for part 2!

- Denise, San Francisco, CA

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